Diameter 19"
Width 235"
Price ea £144

more about this tyre

Exceptional grip and steering control. 2 star rating in the well respected ADAC tyre test*. A unique design which holds the road. Solid, square-shaped shoulders for a more sporty drive. Symmetrical flipper-shaped tread pattern for better grip and water dispersal. The new IGC (Improved Grip Components) pack gives the g-Force Profiler tire unrivalled driving precision, thanks to: Super-flowing, directional tread which maximizes water dispersal at high speed. Fine sipes for better grip on wet surfaces. Unique mix of components which gives the rubber exceptional internal stiffness for better road holding on dry surfaces and external flexibility for better molding to all the bumps in the road for better grip. Symmetrical palm-tree pattern tread for better adhesion and perfect water dispersal.

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