BF Goodrich Mud Terrain

Diameter 16"
Width 265"
Price ea £135

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Advantages The Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 doesn't mess around. Designed from the mud up, it's built to overcome almost any off-road obstacle •Stronger sidewall cords > For a less vulnerable sidewall •Aggressive sidewall tread lugs > For more bite and better sidewall protection •Cut and chip resistant sidewall compound > Resists rocks and other rough obstacles Characteristics Performance and styling has been improved to give serious off-road enthusiasts the performance edge they need with a stronger, more capable tyre than anything they've been used to. ¦Over-sized sidewall cords up to 33% stronger than the previous generation tyre ¦Extended sidewall lugs mean more grip, especially in ruts and soft soil conditions. ¦Sidewall compound is highly resistant to chipping and bruising caused by rocks and other off-road obstacles. Technical specifications Width: 215 to 305 mm Diameter: 15'' to 17'' Aspect ratio: 85 to 70 Speed index: Q 160 km/h (99 mph) And many conversion sizes. 15''30x9.50R 15LT 104Q 31x10.50R 15LT 109Q 32x11.50R 15LT 113Q 33x10.50R 15LT 114Q LT215/75R 15 100/97Q LT235/75R 15 104/101Q 16''LT225/75R 16 110/107Q LT235/70R 16 104/101Q LT235/85R 16 120/116Q LT245/75R 16 120/116Q LT255/70R 16 115/112Q LT255/85R 16 123/120Q LT265/75R 16 123/120Q LT285/75R 16 126/123Q LT305/70R 16 118/115Q 17" LT245/70R 17 119/116Q

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